This video of Trump rearranging a glass of water and a table is the strangest thing you'll see today

This video of Trump rearranging a glass of water and a table is the strangest thing you'll see today
Bizarre Trump water clip released by filmmaker following Jan 6 committee subpoena
Unprecedented, Discovery+

A bizarre clip of the former President Donald Trump rearranging a table and glass of water before recording an interview has baffled viewers.

The clip appeared to be recorded inside the White House on 5 December 2020 and was recently posted online by the British documentary filmmaker Alex Holder.

Holder spent weeks filming the Trump campaign for the upcoming documentary Unprecedented and has spoken to the House select committee looking into the January 6 Capitol riots.

A new clip released by Holder from one of his interviews with Trump shows how the former president orchestrated the shot and repeatedly changed his mind about a glass of water sitting on a table next to him.

Holder posted the footage along with the sarcastic caption: “The Trumps did not have editorial control. Full stop.”

The clip began with Trump entering the shot and sitting on the chair facing the camera. He appeared to be looking at a screen displaying what the camera’s view was.

He buttoned his suit jacket up and said: “Ok. Beautiful. Wow ”

Trump then adjusted the angle of the chair, before saying to someone off-camera: “I don’t think you want to have water in the picture, right? You can take it out.”

He instructed a man named Nick to “put it over there” and to take the table as well.

Then, he changed his mind, saying: “You know what you can do, Nick? Put the table back, because it’s missing something. Put the table back and put the water on the table without the thing [paper cover] on top of it.”

Trump then adjusted the table himself, removed the napkin from underneath the water glass and tried multiple different placements of the water on the table.

The clip has been viewed 2.8 million times and left people absolutely baffled.

One person wrote: “His vanity was always going to bring him down. Look forward to watching this, Alex.”

Someone else said: “The orange moron thinks he’s the director of the film. Look at his conceit, as he continually checks himself out.”

Another replied: “When the SNL skits write themselves.”

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