Drew Barrymore jumped over her desk after being surprised by Penn Badgley

Drew Barrymore jumped over her desk after being surprised by Penn Badgley
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Drew Barrymore had a mega fan girl moment when she was surprised by Penn Badgley joining her show virtually.

During her talk show, "The Drew Barrymore Show," Danielle Schneider told Barrymore that she had a "big" surprise for her.

"Now, I wanted to give you something big, so I decided I needed to give you, You," Schneider said. "And by You, I mean Penn Badgley."

A confused Barrymore stared out at the audience trying to figure out what Schneider meant; but soon after Badgley appeared on the screen asking, "Is this where I say something?"

Barrymore and host Casey Wilson then proceeded to have the most epic meltdown as they literally dove over their desk on their heads and fell to their knees upon seeing Badgley's face (Stars, they're just like us!)

Watch the moment here:

As the two women continued to scream in excitement screaming and toss papers from their desks, Badgley could only watch and laugh, saying: "I'm fully blushing. This is genuinely crazy."

When he shared that he was in London and feeling a bit under the weather, Barrymore immediately volunteered her services to rush to his aid."We can take care of you," Barrymore said.

"Yes, I'm available. This baby comes right off," Wilson said as she removed her wedding ring.

"I was worried that we were going to summon weird people to our lives because we kept talking about why couldn't we be loved the way you love," Barrymore said in reference to Badgley's psychopathic character in You.You.

"I wish you would stand outside my window and care about what I was thinking and behaving and feeling," she added.

"I'm sorry, there's so many reasons why that can't happen," the actor added smiling.

"drew barrymore acting as if she isn’t a big hollywood legend, love her," wrote one person on Twitter of the video.

"Protect these two angels at all cost," said another user.

"it’s drew losing her sh*t like she isn’t one of hollywood’s biggest legends for me," read another tweet.

Drew Barrymore isn't the only celebrity who has freaked out over speaking to Badgley. In fact, Cardi B's had a similar iconic reaction.

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