This rough sleeper and his dog were attacked at knifepoint – so now the internet is helping them out

Go Fund Me

36 year old Darryl has been sleeping rough on the streets on Edinburgh for three years, alongside his dog Max.

On top of his regular everyday struggles, Darryl has been mugged twice at knifepoint. The most recent attack resulting in him having his teeth smashed, while little Max was stabbed.

We're pleased to report that Max is ok and is recovering. And thankfully people are coming together to help the pair of them.

Lesley Baldwin is a local office worker who befriended Darryl while passing him in the street. And after hearing about his troubles, she started a Go Fund Me page for him.

So far she’s managed to raise over £6,000.


Lesley explained on the Go Fund Me page:

Darryl does not ask for money but is always happy to chat to anyone who stops to talk to him. He does not drink and does not do drugs. Darryl has been homeless for 3 years and does not qualify for any benefits.

If everyone who reads this just gives a little bit we can use it for rent on a flat so he can then go on to claim benefits and get himself back on his feet. Darryl wants to become self sufficient, so please give him a little hand up and donate what you feel you can.

The money raised is already making a difference – as Lesley wrote in the latest update:

Well I broke the news to Darryl this morning and I think I was crying more than him. He jumped up and was dancing in the street jumping up and down in the knowledge he will now get a home.

Next step will be get them safe over the weekend and I have a meeting with estate agents DJ Alexanders who offered help. Hopefully Darryl will have his own place sooner rather than later.

You can help out Darryl over at the Go Fund Me page.

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