This photo of Edward Snowden with a bucket of chicken has caused a lot of controversy

There are probably better ways to spend the holidays than holed up in a Moscow safe house while being tarred as a traitor by your own government, wondering every second at what moment Vladimir Putin is going to sell you out to his new pal Donald Trump.

So we can forgive Edward Snowden for indulging in some fried chicken and a schmaltzy Christmas snap.

The NSA whistleblower uploaded a photo of himself and his girlfriend Lindsay Mills feeding on a bucket of KFC on Thursday night:

Which instantly drew speculation:

Even god-damn Peta got involved:

First allegations that he's working for Putin, now allegations he's working for Colonel Sanders:

Could this incredible story really be true?

Snowden moved to deny the claims:

But who knows what to believe anymore?

Hey, at least he doesn't eat it with a knife and fork...

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