Donald Trump sent a sad tweet and now everyone's savagely mocking him

Donald Trump sent a sad tweet and now everyone's savagely mocking him

Donald Trump might not have enough time in his busy schedule to attend highly important national security briefings, but he sure finds some to send bad tweets.

The latest in this inglorious series came when the president-elect took to Twitter on Thursday night to address rumours about the utter lack of celebrities who want to attend or perform at his inauguration party next month.

While the likes of Elton John, Celine Dion, Beyonce and Ice T were all rumoured to be in the running, none have been confirmed.

So bad is the dearth of willing A-listers (and B- and C-listers), there was even a story flying around that universally unpopular Nickelback were the only band he could get to play - unfortunately for Trump, even that turned out to be fake. But, hey, at least there will be a Mormon choir and a 16-year-old from reality TV.

Nevertheless, Trump claims A-listers are all wanting "tixs".


People have to keep reminding themselves that, yes, this man really has just been elected to the most powerful office on Earth:


While some find this quite worrying:

They can at least take solace in the fact that Trump is a source of relentless fun:

He is a man baby:

The most precious snowflake of them all:

The child president:

Hosting an inauguration that is increasingly starting to resemble a pre-teen's birthday party:

A pre-teen with no friends:

Maybe he just needs a reality check:

Sorry, Donny:

Although this would be cool:

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