Elon Musk who has a new film on Netflix blames their 'unwatchable' content on 'woke mind virus'

Elon Musk who has a new film on Netflix blames their 'unwatchable' content on 'woke mind virus'
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Billionaire Elon Musk has said Netlix’s content is “unwatchable” because of the “woke mind virus” that has, according to him, infected the streaming service.

Recently, Netflix announced it had lost 200,000 subscribers between January and March – the first drop in subscribers the streaming service has seen in ten years.

Following the revelation, the company’s share price tanked in Wednesday’s pre-market trading. It is expecting to lose another 2 million subscribers by the end of next month.

Around $40 billion was knocked off the stock market value of Netflix, with the company blaming the war in Ukraine, the cost of living and more close competition for its weak performance.

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But according to SpaceX CEO Musk, it’s not those reasons the subscriber numbers have dropped for the first time. For Musk, the answer is the “woke mind virus”.

Musk made the comment in response to a tweet about Netflix share prices dropping and the California-based company losing subscribers.

He wrote: “The woke mind virus is making Netflix unwatchable.”

Netflix has come under fire for content some may view as provocative.

Its original series Dear White People focuses on black students at an Ivy League School in the US and caused some people to claim it was racist against white people.

However, the company was also recently criticised by LGBTQ+ activists and other showrunners for allowing a transphobic joke to air in comedian Dave Chappelle’s Netflix special.

In response to Musk’s tweet, some people pointed out that he himself has a documentary on the streaming service.

One person wrote: “Just out of curiosity what is that weird red “N” at the top of your movie??”

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Another person replied: “Everyone knows that you can choose what u watch on Netflix, right?

“So Ozarks and Stranger Things, Mindhunter is woke? If you start labelling everything as woke, you're no different than the fanatics on the other side. It's called objectivity.”

But, he did receive some support from those who agree with him.

One person claimed: "Woke mind virus is the biggest threat to the civilization."

It’s not the first time in recent weeks that Elon Musk has made headlines. He recently revealed he wants to buy Twitter and was almost instantly mocked by SNL.

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