SNL pokes fun at Elon Musk’s offer to buy Twitter in Easter ...

Elon Musk launched an astonishing bid to take full control of Twitter this week - and Saturday Night Live’s response was pretty brutal.

His audacious attempt to acquire the public company for $43bn dominated headlines all week, and hosts Colin Jost and Michael Che took the opportunity to roast him this weekend.

The most jaw-dropping line came in reference to Elon Musk’s grumblings about a lack of free speech on Twitter - Che said Musk’s attempt to buy the company outright shows “how badly white guys want to use the N-word”.

Jost also touched on something that’s puzzled many people all week - why’s the guy that’s usually blasting rockets into space and revolutionizing the car industry even interested in a website?

“Come on, Elon built electric cars, he’s going to Mars, why is he even involving himself with Twitter? It would be like if the Prince of England gave it all up just to marry an actor from Suits."

That’s a nod, of course, to Prince Harry quitting royal life to move to California with Meghan Markle.

Jost also made an unfavorable comparison between Twitter and failed presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani: “It used to be something that seemed important and even fun and now you look at it as confusing and depressing - it’s the Giuliani of apps.”

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In an opening sketch, Mikey Day played Musk who - with a nod to America’s favorite Easter Candy - said he wanted to buy Twitter for 43 billion Peeps.

Alas it seems even $43bn actual dollars won’t be enough to get Musk the website he so desires - there’s talk of the board creating a ‘poison pill’ mechanism that’ll dilute the number of shares once any individual shareholder reaches a certain percentage owned.

Tom Brady will be sad if it all falls through - he jokingly asked Musk to ban a very unflattering picture of himself that just won’t stop popping up on his feed.

And, if by some miracle he ends up owning Twitter, here are 7 features we think he might add to the site.

Meanwhile a very opportunistic bid for a handout was made by a right-wing Twitter wannabe, which suggested he invest $2 billion in their company if he truly cared about free speech.

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