Elon Musk tweets photo of gun on bedside table and people are concerned

Twitter to introduce gold, grey and blue ticks under Elon Musk’s latest …

A typical bedside table may feature things like a glass of water, a lamp, a book, and a phone charger. But Elon Musk's looks very different.

On Monday, Musk, 51, gave fans and followers an intimate look inside his bedroom by tweeting a photo of his bedside table.

Apparently every night, Musk sleeps with a glass of water, multiple Diet Coke cans, a revolver, and a vintage American Revolutionary war gun next to him.

The lineup of random, and slightly chaotic, items led to conversations on Twitter from the coaster-less Diet Coke cans to the multiple guns.

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At first, people joked about the noticeable rings left on Musk's nightstand due to the Diet Cokes.

"I'm concerned you refuse to use a coaster," Billy wrote.

"How many cokes does a man need," a Twitter user responded.

"Ever heard of a coaster?" Another Twitter user said.

Some commented on Musk's choice of soda- caffeine-free Diet Coke.

"Caffeine free Diet Coke?? I'm almost as triggered as the liberals are from the gun," Michael said.


Others scratched their heads at the painting, George Washington Crossing the Delaware.


But the conversation quickly moved toward the elephant in the room- Musk's multiple guns on his nightstand.

One doctor and gun violence survivor implored Musk to practice safe gun ownership by unloading his firearm and locking it away.

"As a survivor and now Trauma Surgeon, I can tell you @ElonMusk that the safest way to store your firearm is Unloaded and Locked. This is critical to practicing responsible gun ownership. I suspect that if you spent a day with me in our trauma center, your views may change," Joseph Sakran wrote.

Fred Guttenberg, who is the father to a victim of the 2018 Stoneman Douglas High School shooting echoed Sakran's concerns.

"My daughter was killed because of gun violence. Every day across America children are killed because of irresponsible adults who do not lock up guns," Guttenberg tweeted.

Some accused Musk's revolver of being a toy gun as it did not seem to include a trigger.

Musk only addressed the ring marks left behind from the Diet Coke cans in another tweet.

"There is no excuse for my lack of coasters," he wrote.

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