Twitter: Elon Musk defends mass layoffs, says he had 'no choice'

Elon Musk made an awkward meme choice while trying to illustrate technology's advancements.

On Monday, Musk, 51, shared a photo from World War II of a German Wehrmacht soldier carrying a cage of carrier pigeons on his back.

The photo was modified to include a modern-day notification alert and text that says, "3 unread messages."

"How times have changed," Musk wrote in the tweet.

On the surface level, the photo is meant to exemplify how people received messages before cell phones.

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However, some people felt unsettled by the photo because it depicts a Nazi soldier in May 1940, according to Getty Images.

It is unclear if Musk knew the meme depicts a Nazi soldier but Musk followed up his tweet by joking it was, "back when birds were real" and "if Twitter is bird, that means … 🤯."

Since Musk acquired Twitter in October, he has faced more criticism and backlash than ever.

Although the Twitter owner is a longtime lover of memes and often stirs controversy, his posts are being examined more closely as he makes changes to the platform.

In response to his carrier pigeon meme, people pointed out the obvious problem with the photo.

Despite advocating for a free-speech-oriented platform and claiming "comedy is now legal," Musk has begun implementing rules he deems necessary.

Meanwhile, advertisers and users feel there is no clarity as to where Musk will draw the line for content monitorization.d

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