Marvel's Evangeline Lilly promotes conspiracy theory about Zelensky and Davos

Marvel's Evangeline Lilly promotes conspiracy theory about Zelensky and Davos
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Marvel actress Evangeline Lilly posted a link to a strange-looking Rumble stream that featured Voldomyer Zelensky, Mark Zuckerberg, Justine Trudeau, and more photoshopped to appear like wrestlers.

"WEF Royal Rumble," the title of the graphic read.

The link led to comedian Russell Brand's Rumble page where he hosted a three-hour long stream talking about the World Economic Forum (WEF) occurring this week in Davos, Switzerland.

The annual event invites political leaders, investors, celebrities, business leaders, and more together to listen and speak about ways to improve the world through collaboration.

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However, on Brand's show, Stay Free with Russell Brand, he described the event as, "Just the world's most powerful people coming together to conspire."


In the last couple of years, Brand has become known for sharing conspiracy theories about Covid-19, powerful leaders, and more.

In several YouTube videos, the comedian asserted several anti-Covid conspiracy theories leading his videos to be taken down for "misinformation."

But on Rumble, Brand continues to share his theories on Covid, world leaders conspiring against people, President Joe Biden, and more.

Lilly shares Brand's ideology on Covid-19- believing vaccine and mask mandates to be unethical. Both she and Brand advocated for the Canadian truckers' Freedom Convoy.

Apparently, Lilly also agreed with Brand about his stance on the WEF.

During his video, Brand claimed the event allowed big tech organizations to talk with world and political leaders about their agendas.

"The actual power is big tech organizations such as Facebook and Microsoft and how their interests might align with state officials who want a world where, for example, digital ID becomes mandated and social credit scores become acceptable," Brand said.

Throughout his video, Brand brought on several guests who helped proliferate conspiracy theories about the WEF.

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