Father and son brave deadly blizzard in New York... to go and buy hand lotion

Storm Jonas, which wreaked havoc up and down the east coast of the US over the weekend, is finally easing.

But in the aftermath, a local news clip from Friday has surfaced which has Redditors questioning just what on earth is going on.

In the 20 second clip, a reporter is live on New York's affluent Upper East Side and approaches some passersby to ask why they're still out in the dangerous conditions:

We've just come from shopping at L'Occitane, it's the only store that's open on 86th Street, because my man here did so well on his test he just wanted some hand lotion so we went out and got it but now they're closing.

"Now let me ask ya, you got good marks, and you wanted hand lotion?" the bemused reporter asks. "I guess because it's cold, right?"

"Yeah", the boy says, and giggles.

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