Mum asks Twitter what the sex toy she found in her son's shower is, almost breaks the internet

Twitter user Patty Parsons is learning a lot about her son, sex and the internet this week. It's been a steep learning curve.

Patty, who appears to have only joined Twitter recently, posted a picture of something she found in her 19-year-old son's bathroom in an attempt to crowdsource an answer to her question.

The internet was quick to comply.

Patty appeared to be in denial about her son's passage from innocence to experience.

But to her dismay, the cat was out of the bag.

And the company itself confirmed for Patty too.

Not that she was happy about it.

Especially when people pointed out that CJ is old enough to join the army and get married.

It appears Patty and her son had a heart-to-heart over the matter.

Luckily, CJ had an explanation for the presence of the toy in his shower.

If this is a publicity stunt (or more likely from a parody account), it's a good one.

But we'd still give anything to hear how Thanksgiving went down at Patty's house this year.

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