Fox News host calls out Texans for not using English 'proficiently' while simultaneously failing to use English proficiently

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A Fox News host has called out Texans for not using English 'proficiently', however, there is one big problem.

Laura Ingraham, the American conservative and Fox News host, took to Twitter to voice her concerns, however, while she did it, she simultaneously failed to use the English language correctly. How very perfect.

In a now-deleted tweet, she wrote:

Found out last night that right now one million public school students in Texas don't speak English proficiently proficiently or at home

She deleted the tweet, but it goes without saying that screenshots were quickly taken and circulated on Twitter.

Come on lads! The first rule of criticising someone: if you're going to take them down, don't make the exact same mistake yourself.

It goes without saying that people on social media picked up on the error, and thought it was hilarious.

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