Apparently, freezing your private parts will make them look better.

Because having aesthetically pleasing genitals is clearly what guarantees a satisfactory sexual experience.

People are really doing this.

A 30 – minute treatment called ‘Love Mist’ exposes your genital area to temperatures of -160C via a liquid nitrogen tank.

According to the spa that performs the 'treatment', the sudden drop in temperature stimulates the temperature receptors in your skin, and a quicker blood flow increases the endorphin levels in your body, “generating a natural high”.

The below-freezing temperatures also generate a “tighter, youthful, clear and vibrant genital skin appearance”.

To absolutely nobody’s surprise, doctors are dubious about this.

In fact, Dr Jen Gunter, a gynaecologist says no.

Just no.

She wrote an open letter telling people not to. You know, freeze things down there.

Gynaecologists do use cryoterapy to freeze and remove warts. Dr Gunter has had “lots” of experience with liquid nitrogen and genital tissue as it was a common practise until better therapies came along.

And she doesn’t recommend it.

This does not make me think of rocking good orgasms it makes me think of sloughing tissue, unnatural redness, a big nasty scab, a horrendous vaginal discharge, and delicate new skin.

And frostbite, it makes me think of that as well.


Dr Gunter writes that exposing your skin tissue to those kind of temperatures will kill cells. In fact, 30 minutes at -160C makes her “worry about clitoral necrosis because the clitoris doesn’t do well with reduced blood flow. I’ve heard that’s also not good for the penis. The experience will be painful because it is frostbite".

So, necrotic vaginal tissue and frostbitten penis.

Are you sure you want to give it a go?

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