Catholic journalist and commentator Caroline Farrow has taken exception to penguins being homosexuals.

During this year's Pride month, London Zoo will be giving extra special attention to their resident gay couple Ronnie and Reggie, a pair of penguins that have been together since 2014.

In their enclosure throughout Pride, there will be a banner that reads: 'Some penguins are gay, get over it.'

However, according to Farrow doesn't believe that the sexuality of animals should be presented in such a way, especially when children might be around.

In a Twitter thread, she complained about London Zoo celebrating their animals in such a manner and asked the institute to stop 'pushing your values on my children.'

As you can imagine, the tweet has received a considerable amount of backlash on Twitter, for basically asking an educational facility to censor sexuality.

Farrow's original tweet was posted on June 27 but she has since continued to tweet about the same subject and how London Zoo is intruding on family life.

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