Gillian Anderson's Margaret Thatcher has been compared to SpongeBob and she loves it

Gillian Anderson's Margaret Thatcher has been compared to SpongeBob and she loves it
Gillian Anderson asked if she ‘spoke to Thatcher’ for The Crown role

The Crown is a drama that delves into the historic events of the British Royal Family under Queen Elizabeth II's reign and while the Netflix show somewhat mirrors real life, the internet has also noted how one character has an uncanny likeness to cartoon fave SpongeBob SquarePants.

Gillian Anderson, who portrayed the UK's first woman prime minister Margaret Thatcher for Netflix in the latest season (four) has shared her love at the comparison.

The Iron Lady (at least Anderson's version) and SpongeBob aren't exactly two figures you would put together but here we are...

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In the image used in the viral tweet, Anderson is dressed up as the late PM in her signature helmet-shaped hair, pearl earrings, long dress paired with heels and not forgetting her trademark handbag.

While the other imaged taken from a season one Spongebob episode titled "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy," which aired way back in 1999 where SpongeBob is dolled up in a similar-colour frock also accessorised with a handbag - with the addition of a hat.

The reason SpongeBob is dressed up as an old woman is to pretend to get robbed by his friend Patrick in the hopes of getting the semi-retired superheroes to rescue him.

The similarities between Anderson and everyone's favourite cartoon sponge were described as "uncanny," in a tweet on Monday (October 10).

It appears even Anderson herself agreed as a few hours after the tweet was posted, the actor quoted the tweet to reply: "LOVE!" which quickly went viral receiving over 170,000 likes - so it's fair to say everyone agrees with the likeness

But that wasn't all, as Anderson apparently loved the side-by-side so much that she even change her Twitter profile picture to a fan edit of the dressed-up SpongeBob this time with the addition of a helmet-style Thatcher wig.

This was after she liked the tweet of the fan's edit which joked: "the spot difference game is getting harder every day."

So there you have it, Gillian Anderson is a SpongeBob fan - though it's hard to imagine the real Margaret Thatcher tuned in to see what was going on in Bikini Bottom.

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