Top 10 Most Intense Gordon Ramsay Moments Ever

Gordon Ramsay is cheekily reigniting an old feud with fellow chef Jamie Oliver via TikTok.

Ramsay's daughter, Tilly Ramsay posted a video of her famous father participating in a trend where a person dances with another person to reveal a secret.

"I bet you are one of those chefs that just steals other people's recipes," the on-screen caption reads.

As Ramsay shakes his finger 'no', he turns around, not to reveal another person, but Oliver's cookbook Jamie's Dinners stuffed down his trousers.

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Years ago, Ramsay and Oliver found themselves in a feud after Gordon insulted an Australian journalist. The two went back-and-forth in the media insulting each other until eventually things cooled off.

But it seems Ramsay is looking to cook up trouble with the TikTok, which he reposted to his Instagram.


Secrets out😶😶 @gordonramsayofficial #fyp

While the two were feuding they insulted each other's personalities, restaurants, cooking, and more through media outlets.

In 2010, Gordon told TMZ the last time he complained about a meal was when he went to "Jamie Oliver's restaurant".

In exchange, Oliver said Gordon's wife, Tana, had a better cookbook than him in 2016.

But the two chefs reconciled their relationship when Oliver's restaurant empire collapsed in 2019. Speaking on TheJonathan Ross Show, Ramsay said it was 'devastating' calling Oliver "a great guy" and a "great chef".

There doesn't seem to be actual animosity between the two as Oliver commented on both Tilly and Ramsay's post.

"Great! I’ll be sure to send you a copy of my new book ONE when it’s out in September then 😉".

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