Harry Jowsey flooded with support after 'very scary' skin cancer diagnosis

Harry Jowsey flooded with support after 'very scary' skin cancer diagnosis
Cha Cha Lessons With DWTS Pro Rylee Arnold & Harry Jowsey
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Harry Jowsey, a star from the Netflix series Too Hot To Handle, has been flooded with support online after sharing a TikTok saying he's been given a 'very scary' skin cancer diagnosis.

In the series, castmates must remain abstinent to earn a prize in the raunchy competition show, with the Australian TV star first appearing on screens in the first season of it in 2020.

Jowsey bravely shared a message on TikTok telling his followers about the diagnosis and, thankfully, that it sounds as though he is going to be fine.

And in the video which has 2.2m views, 170k likes and 10.7k shares at the time of writing, he urges everyone to "be a little bit more responsible", to "wear sunscreen" and "stay safe".


Please wear sunscreen ☀️

Jowsey said: "There isn't really an easy way to say this but last week I went to a dermatologist to get my skin checked and they found some skin cancer on me.

"I'm gonna be all good, everything's going to be okay, but I just wanted to make this post to let you know that summer is around the corner, please wear sunscreen.

"Please wear it, please go and get your skin checked, if you're a freckly little frog like me, go get a mole map and get your body checked because you never know.

"I've had this on my shoulder for like a year or two, I had no idea.

"I just want to save and protect one of you guys out there so go get your skin checked, wear your sunscreen and be a little bit more responsible because that's what I've got to do now and it's very scary.

"I love you guys, stay safe."

The comments have been flooded with messages of support.

Rylee Arnold, who Jowsey reportedly dated, said: "So glad you're okay, sending all the love!!!"

Markell Washington said: "You will be ok my love praying for me."

Molly Platt said: "Dermatology MA here, YES WEAR UR SPF!!!!!"

Qui said: "SPF always my lil possum! Glad you're ok."

Alan said: "Love you dude."

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