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Harry Styles 


Harry Styles fans, rejoice! The "To Be So Lonely" singer has officially announced the release date and title of his third solo album.

Styles took to Twitter to share the exciting news of his upcoming album, called Harry’s House, which is set to arrive on May 20.

In his tweet, he simply wrote: "Harry’s House. May 20th."

The singer also shared a short teaser for the album, which features snippets of instrumental music and has a montage of footage from his concerts as well as other everyday life clips such as a traffic light.

The clip then ends with Styles walking onto an empty stage as a house props up from behind him.

The surprise announcement has naturally caused fans to spiral with many people taking to Twitter to share their thoughts.

"no bc in sweet creature it says 'you bring me home' and in canyon moon it says 'i’m going home' and now harry’s saying 'you are home' he is SICK," one fan wrote, pointing out the musical parallels in various of Styles' song.

Of the many responses was one stand-out tweet from Grindr. "When he can host," they wrote. The term hosting is used when someone on the hook-up app is happy to have their potential romantic interest come visit them, rather than vice-versa.

Many fans were left chuckling at Grindr for their super-thirsty response.

One person said they were pretending to be shocked, while another said they were "holding in their laughter".

As he did with his last album Fine Line in creating the fictional land of Eroda, Styles once again began to tease the new album online with the appearance of a new website and social handles.

Fans began to speculate that a new album would be announced soon after they connected the strange website, YouAreHome.co, which featured a simple image of a door that opens to different images.

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