Did Harry Styles manifest alleged romance with  Emily Ratajkowski?

Harry Styles And Emily Ratajkowski Viral Make Out Divides Internet

The hearts of Harry Styles fans shattered last week when footage surfaced of the star getting cosy with Emily Ratajkowski.

In the clip spread across social media, the 'Watermelon Sugar' singer shared a passionate kiss with the model on the streets of Tokyo. The pair were seen awkwardly dancing, which led people to ask: What in the school disco is going on here?

Now another video, appearing to show Styles manifesting the alleged romance with Ratajkowski, is sending diehards into a frenzy.

In the resurfaced interview from 2014, the reporter asked One Direction whether they had celebrity crushes. "Emily Ratajkowski from Gone Girl," Styles 'responded' which lead many viewers to believe the star had manifested last week's intimate interaction.

Plot twist: Real Styles fans were quick to highlight that the clip had been edited. In reality, he was referring to his former One Direction bandmate, Liam Payne.

"That video is edited!! Harry actually saying Emrata name is about Liam Payne having a crush on her," one eagle-eyed viewer wrote, while another defensive fan added: "In any case people with severely low intelligence love to spread gossip and falsehoods because they have nothing in their lives."

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In the full, unedited interview, Styles starts by saying "Liam's been seeing..." before jokingly being interrupted by a bandmate who adds "Lindsay Lohan."

Styles added: "Emily Ratajkowski from Gone Girl, that's who Liam [likes]."

One Direction interview for Telehit #1DenEspecialesTelehit (SUB ITA)youtu.be

"I've seen her but I haven't seen the film," Payne said, humouring: "You know, we're taking it slow."

Styles concluded the question by declaring he "quite fancied" Emily Blunt.

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