It seems Hulk Hogan has not learnt his lesson about Raoul Moat

Today’s lesson in why you should be extremely cautious about the veracity of images on social media comes from Hulk Hogan, who has retweeted a photo of Raoul Moat - again.

This is not the first time Hogan has been flattered into retweeting a picture of the killer, who shot three people in 2010. In September UsVsTh3m reported that Hulk Hogan had re-tweeted this image of Moat, before quickly deleting it.

Other celebrities have also been caught out on social media, with Donald Trump last year retweeting a photo of serial killers Fred and Rose West, and country singer Billy Ray Cyrus re-shared a photo of Jimmy Savile after a mischievous tweeter claimed it was a "huge fan".

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