Jake Paul investigated over fears he may have crushed rare turtle eggs with golf cart
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Controversial YouTuber star Jake Paul is embroiled in another row after apparently driving on a beach in Puerto Rico during turtle nesting season.

In a since-deleted video Paul and his crew could be seen driving in the sand on a sunny day with blue skies and clear waters in what appears to be a golf cart and a car.

The reason that’s controversial? Between February and August every year, many different species of turtles such as Green Sea Turtles and Leatherback turtles lay their eggs on Puerto Rico’s beaches.

As a result, anyone who drives a vehicle on the sands at high speeds could risk damaging the eggs, which is why sections of the beach are then closed off to make sure this doesn’t happen.

Once the citizens of Puerto Rico caught wind of this situation, they had words for Paul, accusing him of recklessness.

Check out some of their reactions below.

Logan Paul, Paul’s older brother was not seen in this video. However, David Begnaud of CBS states that he was allegedly a part of the video.

Logan recently moved to the tropical island and bought a $10 million mansion, according to reports.

Rafael Machargo, Puerto Rico’s secretary for the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources, issued a statement about why motorized vehicles are not allowed on beaches and that there’s an investigation.

“Some media have published today a video of the influencer Jake Paul in a motor vehicle on the beach, an activity that is prohibited, apart from law enforcement agencies, “Machargo says in part.

Machargo also notes that although the video doesn’t specify when and where this took place, the DNER stresses the following: “This type of activity is prohibited by law to protect the environment and the species that can nest or live on the beaches.”

He also shared his gratitude for the citizens who noticed and pointed out the potential damage to wildlife and the environment while providing the numbers 787-724-5700 or 787-230-5550 for people to report other violations of environmental laws when they see it.

Indy100 reached out to representatives Paul’s representatives for comment.

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