Trump impersonator hilariously breaks down how ex-president's voice changed over the decades

Donald Trump plays Wordle on SNL cold open

A Trump impersonator broke down how the former commander-in-chief’s voice changed over the decades - and it was hilarious.

On a segment from the Late Night with Seth Meyers, SNL comedian James Austin Johnson spoke about the observations he made about Trump and then decided to let the impersonations flow.

“You made this observation by listening about… he makes like weird throat noise,” Meyers said.

“Yeah, I mean, he’s been in the public consciousness for a hundred years. We have known him. He’s in Home Alone 2, you know what I mean? I think he had a show on this network at some point. He’s - he’s been around. We’ve been listening to him,” Johnson said.

He then went on to say that there are many different impressions of Trump and comedians who portray him imitate a different “era”.

When he came back in the 2010s, ready to be president, his voice had deteriorated a lot. Have you ever seen Bob Dylan live now? Like did I pay for a Tom Waits show or something like that?” Johnson said as Meyers chuckled.

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“That’s what’s happened to [Trump], and his voice is very gurgly,” he continued before making his voice sound scratchy.

“So accessing sort of the dark dungeons of my throat was necessary to play this Trump because he’s not the smooth ‘80s - ‘she’s got beautiful legs’ - he’s not really ‘80s Trump anymore,” Johnson added, doing another imitation at the “beautiful legs” bit.

“Remember ‘80s Trump… he’s not that guy anymore,” Johnson continued as he added in more expert Trumpian diction.

People on Twitter were thoroughly impressed with Johnson’s “uncanny” take on Trump’s voice.

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