The White House is leaking. But thankfully Donald Trump is coming down hard - on both sides of the debate, just to make sure.

The president declared in a bizarre recent tweet that the "Fake News Media" was massively exaggerating the "so-called leaks" from the White House.

But, in the next sentence, he backed-up the same media reports by calling the leakers "traitors and cowards" and vowing "we will find out who they are!"

People have been quick to point out the tweet's apparent lack of internal logic.

It is not clear which leaks Trump is referring to.

But recent drama surrounding White House aide Kelly Sadler - the latest in a series of embarrassing leaks - might have prompted the tweet.

Sadler dismissed a statement by John McCain, who is fighting an aggressive brain cancer, which took issue with Trump's pick for CIA director. It emerged that Sadler told colleagues:

It doesn't matter, he's dying anyway.

McCain had urged the Senate not to confirm Gina Haspel as CIA director after taking issue with her involvement in a CIA interrogation programme that some have called torture.

Sadler was reportedly admonished by her bosses. However, the White House has refused to issue a formal apology for her remarks, which were leaked to the media.

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