BBC Breakfast viewers call James Blunt interview 'dreadful' after awkward plastic surgery joke

BBC Breakfast viewers call James Blunt interview 'dreadful' after awkward plastic surgery joke
James Blunt faces odd questions on plastic surgery during BBC Breakfast interview

BBC Breakfast viewers were left with second-hand embarrassment after James Blunt was asked an awkward question about his face.

Following a compilation of Blunt's songs, BBC host Charlie Stayt highlighted that the 47-year-old singer appeared to be getting "younger."

"You appear to be getting younger, he said before asking to "reflect on that for a moment."

Stayt added: "Looking at that video and looking at you now… what's going on?"

An uneasy-looking Blunt smirked: "Well, you know, I think with plastic surgery, it's little and often is the technique I would advise."

The awkwardness soon ramped up as Stayt joked: "As you well know, some people will think that's a double bluff."

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People have praised Blunt for his sense of humour towards the peculiar question as he stared blankly at the presenter and said: "It's not, no… I don't know where to go from here."

Co-host Naga Munchetty erupted into laughter as Stayt called it a day: "We'll stop right there."

Social media was flooded with praise towards the singer – the BBC hosts, not so much.

"Well done to James Blunt for handling some seriously stupid questions from two truly dreadful BBC breakfast presents," one fan tweeted. "Time for Charlie Stayt & Naga Munchetty to call it a day the BBC can do better than this."

One squirming viewer "had to turn it off", saying: "What a dreadful interview by Charlie and Naga, we had to turn it off as it was so appalling, even James Blunt thought so."

Another concluded: "The whole interview was a car crash. Every question being more stupid than the last one. He was very restrained and polite."

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