Footage of James Corden roasting Boris Johnson over cycling helmets resurfaces

Footage of James Corden roasting Boris Johnson over cycling helmets resurfaces

James Corden roasts Boris Johnson over cycling helmets in resurfaced clip

The Jonathan Ross Show

A resurfaced clip of James Corden calling out Boris Johnson for suggesting the science behind wearing a helmet when cycling is not definitive has gone viral.

The clip originates from 2014 when the pair were both guests on The Jonathan Ross Show, when Johnson was still serving as mayor of London.

In the video, Corden was discussing how he had just bought a bike and likes to wear a helmet for safety when he cycles.

Johnson, who has been criticised for his loose relationship with the truth, then went on to suggest that the science behind helmet-wearing is “mixed”.

He claimed: “They tried making the helmets mandatory in Australia and people just stopped doing it, they stopped taking the [hire] bikes.

“So, I think the health benefits of encouraging cycling outweigh, in my view, the risk and that actually the medical evidence is mixed on this subject.”

Sounding shocked, Corden asked: “It’s mixed on what? Helmets? Bulls**t. That’s absolute bulls**t. No way, no way.”

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Corden then suggested that the two of them each get a watermelon – the actor and TV host said he would put a helmet on his, and then they could compare the two after being dropped on the road.

He continued: “That’s not true. It just isn’t true. It’s better to wear a helmet.”

Johnson then responded by claiming that, of the cycling fatalities in London, they “almost never” have anything to do with head injuries.

Responding to the resurfaced clip, a Twitter user wrote: “He can’t stop himself lying. He started off correct - there is research showing that compulsory helmets may reduce cycling to a degree where the health benefits of helmets are overtaken, but then he made up stuff about accidents (where helmets are known to be of great benefit).”

Another person said: “If that's not another example of Boris Johnson's wealth before health attitude, I'll eat my helmet.”

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