Taylor Swift fans detect hidden messages in Jason Kelce's retirement speech

Taylor Swift fans detect hidden messages in Jason Kelce's retirement speech
Moment emotional Jason Kelce announces retirement
Philadelphia Eagles

Jason Kelce announced his retirement from the NFL and Swifties think he referenced Taylor Swift lyrics in his speech.

Since singer-songwriter Taylor Swift entered into a relationship with football star Travis Kelce, her fans seem to have been inextricably tied to the whole Kelce family.

On Monday (4 March), Jason Kelce, who played centre for the Philadelphia Eagles for 13 seasons, announced his retirement from American football.

In an emotional press conference, 36-year-old Kelce fought through tears and delivered a speech (full transcript here) that fans believe included some references to Swift’s lyrics.

Speaking about his childhood and growing up with Travis, Kelce said: “There is no chance I’d be here without the bond Travis and I share. It made me stronger, tougher, smarter, and it taught me the values of cooperation, loyalty, patience, and understanding.

“It’s only too poetic I found my career being fulfilled in the City of Brotherly Love (Philadelphia’s nickname). I knew that relationship all too well.”

Fans were quick to notice that Kelce said the title of Swift’s track “All Too Well”.

Someone on X/Twitter wrote: “Jason Kelce just dropped an “all too well” into his retirement speech. He’s the King of the Swifties. Forever.”


Whether intentional or not, Kelce also referenced “Wildest Dreams”, another song by Swift, in his speech.

He said: “As players, you write the narratives. The fans and media, for the most part, occasionally different, only write what you give them. You go above and beyond in this city, you will be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams.”

“Not Jason Kelce adding ‘All Too Well’ and ‘Wildest Dreams’ to his retirement speech he loves us,” someone wrote.

One person said: “So far, Jason Kelce has said ‘All Too Well’ and ‘Wildest Dreams; in his retirement speech. I’m never, ever going to shut up about that”

Travis Kelce was in attendance at the press conference and was visibly emotional as his brother announced he was leaving the sport they have both played professionally.

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