Jeremy Clarkson slammed after claiming there was 'no DefCon 8 killer death heatwave warning' in France

Jeremy Clarkson slammed after claiming there was 'no DefCon 8 killer death heatwave warning' in France
UK heatwave: How to cope with the extreme temperatures

Jeremy Clarkson has given his suitably hot take on the heatwave in the UK, but it’s not gone down exactly as he’d have hoped.

Millions are bracing themselves for extreme weather, with temperatures set to go way pass 30C on Monday and London tipped to be hotter than Jamaica or Morocco at up to 40c by Tuesday.

It led the Met Office to issue amber and red alerts warning of “potential serious illness or danger to life”.

All kinds of provisions have been put in place, but Clarkson isn’t impressed.

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Writing on Twitter, the presenter called out the UK’s response by attempting to point out that France was much calmer about the whole thing.

“It’s very hot in the south of France but so far as I know, there’s no DefCon 8 level 3 killer death heatwave warning in place,” he said.

Only, France has been very hard hit by the extreme weather and have their own warnings in place.

As Meteorologist Scott Duncan pointed out by replying to Clarkson: “The French are taking it very seriously. There are red level extreme heat warnings in the west.”

As well as the warnings in the West of the country, there were 11 departments under an orange heatwave alert over the weekend as temperatures reached 40C in the country.

People have also been evacuated from their homes in France as wildfires broke out across the country.

Two blazes in the southwest of France have been tackled by more than 1,000 firefighters too - so France is taking the whole thing very seriously after all.

The presenter questioned why there were no warnings in FranceGetty/Sky News

Meanwhile, people in the UK have been advised not to travel on public transport unless “absolutely necessary” as services will be reduced due to the heatwave.

London North East Railway (LNER) tweeted: “On Tuesday July 19, DO NOT TRAVEL between London Kings Cross and south of York & Leeds, as no trains will run. Only travel if necessary to other destinations.”

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