Jeremy Corbyn has said that if he had to live outside the UK, he would choose the South American nation of Bolivia.

In an interview with the Huffington Post, the Labour leader said: "I admire what Bolivia has achieved particularly in the elimination of poverty, sustainability on the environment and sharing out its mineral wealth...

It’s very interesting what’s happening in Bolivia, it’s a re-flowering of the indigenous cultures in Bolivia which I find absolutely fascinating.

I went to Bolivia first when I was 19. I went back two years ago, very interesting.

Bolivia's leader, Evo Morales (pictured below), became the country's first indigenous president in 2005 and quickly distanced Bolivia from US-influence - instigating wide-reaching socialist reforms.

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Upon winning the presidential election, Mr Morales quickly re-nationalised the country's rich gas fields.

Now in his third term of office - Morales has gained praise for reducing the state pension age from 65 to 58, doubling the minimum wage while increasing literacy levels and reducing poverty.

Despite these reforms, Bolivia is still one of the poorest South American countries and Morales' government has been rocked by charges of corruption and civil unrest.

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