Jeremy Vine becomes pals with a driver who cut him off in heart-warming helmet-cam video

When he’s not presenting his daytime show, or doing a wild green-screen explainer during the BBC’s election coverage, Jeremy Vine can be found cycling the streets of London – journeys he films and sometimes uploads to Twitter when they go wrong.

On Tuesday, Mr Vine shared a clip of a van carrying out the “worst overtake in the world”, cutting him off just before a junction.

After making himself known with his very loud gas horn, the journalist decided to follow the driver, writing on-screen: “Hey, why don’t the two of us meet?”

The two individuals ended up meeting at a pedestrian crossing, where the male driver quickly said “sorry, fella” for the poor manoeuvre.

“Was that you overtaking me there,” asked Mr Vine.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” the man replied. “Sorry, I didn’t see you. I do apologise.”

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Mr Vine could then be heard saying: “Oh, you’re so polite! No, not at all. I was trying out this new horn.”

“It really works,” the driver joked in response, before the broadcaster carried on with his journey.

Captioning the video on Twitter, the presenter wrote: “Even if you do the worst overtake in the world, apologise and we’ll be friends.”

Responding to the clip, some expressed their love of Mr Vine’s fancy new horn:

Others, meanwhile, heaped praise on both road users for the interaction:

That’s it, they’re BFFs now.

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