Jimmy Carr's father wants him stripped of Irish Heritage award unless he apologises for book comments

Jimmy Carr's father wants him stripped of Irish Heritage award unless he apologises for book comments
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Jimmy Carr's father wants him to be stripped of his Certificate of Irish Heritage award (which he received in 2013) unless he apologises for comments he made in his book last year.

The book, titled Before & Laughter, referred to the comedian's parents being from Limerick, Ireland.

And his father, Jim Carr, took issue with the way he spoke about his heritage.

Carr wrote: "I'm the son of two immigrants from Limerick who moved to Slough (they moved from a s*** town to another s*** town, I guess they knew what they liked)."

Jim said that the comments "cross the line," and he called for Jimmy to have his award revoked by officials.

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In a recent conversation with Limerick Leader, he said that the sentiments about his native city of Limerick were "derogatory" and "offensive," with the hope that there will be "a sincere public apology" over them.

The outlet noted that Jim called on the Mayor of Limerick, Limerick City and County Council to revoke the honour given to Jimmy.

Speaking on the remarks in the book, Jim said: "He's one sick comedian… literally and metaphorically. It looks like it anyway. Leave all that aside, I don't want somebody writing that about Limerick in a book."

Jim and Jimmy were reportedly once "extraordinarily close," although the two are said to have not been on good terms for roughly 20 years.

Jim also said that he understands his son's comedic "style" although he was frustrated with the references.

"I am not shocked or surprised that my son referred to Limerick and Slough as [sh** towns ]," Jim told the outlet.

"He is, after all, a shock jock. His defence will be, 'they are only words, I'm only having a laugh'."

Jim further said that he and Jimmy's mother didn't move to Slough; they relocated from Limerick to South Kensington, London.

He also wasn't fond of a joke Jimmy told: "How many potatoes does it take to kill an Irishman? None."

Jim said that the Irish potato famine is equivalent to the Holocaust, telling the Limerick Leader that it shouldn't be made into a joke.

The Certificate of Irish Heritage was an initiative that spans from 2011 until 2015, recognised "descendants of previous generations of Irish citizens in an official way."

According to RTE at the time, Jimmy said that he was "honoured" to receive the award, while then-Mayor of Limerick Kathleen Leddin noted that the comedian was "proud of his parental connections with Limerick and certainly has an emotional attachment" to the city and country.

Indy100 reached out to representatives for Jimmy Carr and the current Mayor of Limerick for comment.

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