Jimmy Fallon shows off his Bored Ape NFT

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are all the rage for celebrities and wealthy individuals right now. Everyone from Edward Snowden to Lil Nas X is getting involved in the blockchain-backed illustrations. And host of The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon, revealed his NFT this week, sparking debate.

Tuesday night's episode of the show featured a plethora of awkward exchanges between Fallon and guest Paris Hilton about NFT that led to the multi-millionaires sharing their most notable NFTs, a customized bored ape from Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Fallon's bored ape features a cream-colored ape wearing heart-shaped sunglasses, a striped shirt, and a sailor's hat. "It reminded me of me a little bit," Fallon said.

But Fallon may have made a mistake sharing his NFT with the whole world via his talk show.

Jimmy Fallon shows off his $200k Bored Ape NFT to Paris Hilton The Tonight Show / YouTube

According to the Los Angeles Times, Fallon likely bought his bored ape for nearly $216,000. But if Fallon's on-air promotion of his bored ape increases its value, then it could financially benefit Fallon which would violate NBC's workplace policy.

The policy states employees should, “not let outside interests or activities interfere with [their] business judgment or responsibilities to the company" and "disclose and obtain approval for all outside work, financial interests and other personal activities/relationships that may create or appear to create a conflict".

An NBC spokesperson said Fallon did not violate any rules as hosts are allowed to promote outside projects such as books and movies. But it's unclear whether showing off his own bored ape could be considered a conflict of interest if Fallon chose to sell his NFT.

Regardless of NBC policy, Fallon's decision to reveal his $200,000+ Bored Ape seemed to reveal a new gray area in crypto's lack of regulations.

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