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Remember when life was simple and full of Joe Biden and Barack Obama memes?

Of course you do. But we'll give you a reminder anyway.

Any excuse to return to those warm, heady days of bromance...

Anyway, we have some good news for anyone who needs more Mr Biden and Mr Obama in their lives. And that definitely includes you, right?

Basically, it seems that he signed a meme.

This genius took to Imgur to share the evidence. And, yep, it definitely looks like Mr Biden's signature scrawled on one of the most iconic Twitter jokes.

Even better, it looks like Biden signed it with a personalised message, saying:

Still good friends -

Always be loyal!

We now live in a world where former vice presidents sign memes and that's normal.

Don't run off to sob happy tears quite yet though, as there's another twist to come in this wonderful tale.

Last year, we were lucky enough to learn not that not only does Mr Biden loves the memes (reportedly, he "sat there for an hour and laughed" reading them) - but he even has a favourite.

Yep, it's the very one he signed. A worthy winner, we're sure you'll agree...

Well, this just makes us miss them more than ever.

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