Joe Rogan admits 'I'm a sucker' after being tricked by fake YouTube video

Joe Rogan admits 'I'm a sucker' after being tricked by fake YouTube video
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Joe Rogan admitted he was a "sucker" after believing that a boxing match between YouTubers Matt Watson and Dad at Creator Clash 2022 was an actual fight between father and son.

Within footage shared on Twitter, "Dad" had an advantage throughout the fight with Wason and was victorious by technical knockout (TKO) in the first round.

Despite the two being YouTubers who put on fake personas for giggles, Rogan didn't seem aware of the joke and felt "sad."

"I saw a video today of a boxing match between a father and a son…It made me so sad," he said on an episode ofThe Joe Rogan Experience.

He added that the kid looked around 17-18 years old while the father looks to be in his 40s.

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"And the father beats the s*** out of him," the personality, UFC colour commentator, and podcaster said.

He added: "That's your son. And we're watching you beat your son up? 'Cause I get your son probably got cocky with you, but — and he celebrates after he knocks his son out? It makes me so sad."

Rogan also said that the kid probably had "brain damage now."

"You might f*** up his pituitary gland. It happens to people," he said.

However, Rogan's editor swiftly made him aware that this wasn't actually a fight between man and son, which confused the host because the video is called "father knocks out son in celebrity boxing match."

After hearing the explanation that the two boxers are YouTubers, Rogan remained a good sport about it and said: "I'm such a sucker."

Still, Creator Clash creator iDubbbz and Watson didn't hesitate to poke fun at Rogan.

The duo created a video of Rogan's sentiments with footage from Watson and Dad's fight.

"Yes, this is real, and big shout out to my boy @Idubbbz for editing this little video," Watson tweeted in the video's comment section.

Others online also couldn't resist poking fun at Rogan's misunderstanding.

One wrote: "This is too funny. Like usual, Joe is wrong but talks about it anyways. Total boomer move."

"No way Joe Rogan fell for one of my friend's goofs," another added.

A third wrote: "Watch the FULL 2-minute clip. It's hilarious, and it perfectly encapsulates one of the main problems Joe Rogan has: he is so gullible and doesn't fact-check before opening his damn mouth."

Creator Clash is an influencer boxing event that first took place in May 2022 and put non-fighter creators against each other to raise money for charity.

The event raised $1.3m for charities such as the American Heart Association, the Alzheimer's Association of America, and the Healing Horse Therapy Center.

Another Creator clash is set to occur in 2023.

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