Joe Rogan claims Jeffrey Epstein could have been a 'CIA or Israeli ...
The Joe Rogan Experience

Controversial podcaster Joe Rogan has suggested that Jeffrey Epstein may have been a spy or agent for the CIA or Israel’s Mossad.

Speaking on his popular Spotify podcast The Joe Rogan Experience, the host suggested that the convicted paedophile was a plant and part of a plot to collect information about the rich and famous.

Rogan made the bizarre comments during a discussion about Epstein and his links with Harvard University, as the institution received $9.1 million in gifts from Epstein between 1998 and 2008.

Epstein also had his own office at the university in its Program for Evolutionary Dynamics department. Between 2010 and 2018, he visited the office 40 times after being convicted of sex charges involving a minor in 2008.

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Speaking alongside podcast guest, comedian Whitney Cummings, Rogan, said: “Well, he definitely donated some money to science.

“You know, but I had a conversation with a scientist who didn’t buy into that Epstein stuff and wouldn’t go to the meetings and stuff like that.

“And he said, he was really shocked at how little money he actually donated.”

Rogan claimed the scientist believed “he was more than that” and suggested that he could have been a secret agent.

Rogan continued: “He was bringing them to parties. Like it was an intelligence operation. Whoever was running it, whether it was, the Mossad or whether it was CIA or whether it was a combination of both — it was an intelligence operation.

“They were bringing in people and compromising them. And then when they would compromise them, they would use, you know, whatever they had on them to influence their opinions and the way they expressed those opinions. And I don’t know why they would want to do that with scientists, which is really strange to me.”

Epstein killed himself in 2019 while awaiting trial for charges of sex trafficking.

Following Epstein's 2008 conviction, the university barred him from making any further donations. Up until that point, Harvard found that the university accepted more than $9 million from Epstein during the decade leading up to his 2008 sex crimes conviction in Florida state court.

Harvard professor, Martin Nowak, who allegedly gave Epstein an office on campus and had close ties with him, was disciplined by the school.

Epstein's visits were stopped after complaints about his presence were raised by other researchers to Nowak, according to investigators. Harvard’s senior leaders were cleared of wrongdoing as an investigation and subsequent report said they acted appropriately in their dealings with Epstein.

Harvard University said that most of Epstein's donation had already been spent, but it donated the final $200,000 to support groups for victims of trafficking and sexual assault.

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