John Cena got trolled by Jake Paul with his own iconic catchphrase

John Cena got trolled by Jake Paul with his own iconic catchphrase

John Cena got trolled by Jake Paul with his own iconic catchphrase


Jake Paul met John Cena for the first time, so the YouTuber and boxer decided to troll the WWE world champion which has since gone viral on TikTok.

The professional wrestler appeared on Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast but before that, Jake decided to reference Cena's iconic catchphrase “You can’t see me," which he used to declare that he moves too quickly for his opponents to anticipate what his next move is.

It has become a meme online where fans joke that Cena is actually invisible, and Jake decided to go along with this gag during their first encounter.

In the video, Jake walked right past Cena as he said, “John, bro, what’s up, man? Dude, I’m a huge fan.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” Cena replied when Logan told his brother he was looking in the wrong place and redirected him to where Cena was - “Jake, Jake! He’s here.”

For the caption, Jake joked “I couldn’t see him."


I couldnt see him @John Cena @Logan Paul

Since then the TikTok has received 1.4m views, as people continued with the Cena invisibility jokes in the comments.

One person said: "Didn’t even realize they were meeting John Cena until I heard his voice man’s like a ghost."

"Who is Jake talking to?" another asked.

Someone else added: "Has anyone ever seen what John Cena looks like?? Is he even real??"

"I hear someone talking but I don’t see them," a fourth person commented

Although his iconic catchphrase has become a popular meme, Cena later said during his Impaulsive podcast that "not once," has he gotten tired of all the jokes that he is invisible.

“I went through a stretch where I was like, ‘Man, this has got some staying power,’ ’cause like the first time I heard it might have been ’09… it’s 2024 and I still am invisible," he said.

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