John Cena impersonates Liverpool fan in lesson on British culture

John Cena impersonates Liverpool fan in lesson on British culture
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John Cena attempted his best impression of a Liverpudlian accent as he learned about some iconic British pop culture moments.

The 46-year-old wrester and actor was educated during a BBC Radio 1 segment where they printed out text from these viral clips for Cena to read.

He was then shown the actual clips which include our favourites such as Jackie Weaver and Ronnie Pickering.

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One of the moments that was also shown was impassioned Liverpool fan James Redmond who went viral for his post-match comments back in 2017 when the The Reds won 4-2 against Hoffenheim in a Champions League play-off.

"No you see I'm talking facts here. I don't do ifs, buts and maybes, I do absolutes," Cena said, reading out Redmond's words.

"And, you know like, if your aunt had balls she'd be your uncle. But she doesn't so she's not. Do you know what I'm try to say."

The clip is then played to Cena for him to understand the full context, and he even gives the Scouse accent a go as he mimicked Redmond by repeating: "Why you's laughing for?" and "I'm being serious!"


we taught fast x’s john cena about jackie weaver and ronnie pickering… you’re welcome 😭 #johncena #jackieweaver #ronniepickering #britishcomedy

Thoroughly impressed with Redmond, a smiling Cena said: "Kid's nine and he's that sharp. Razor wit. I don't have jokes like that when I was six.

He added: "This kid's three. He shouldn't be able to talk."

But that wasn't all as Cena also had a go at doing a Yorkshire accent when "I'm in my mum's car" viral Vine clip was played,

Fans couldn't quite believe what they were seeing, as they shared their bewilderment in the comments.

One person wrote: "I never thought i would ever see John Cena attempt a scouse accent."

"Seeing Johns face absolutely transfixed on these iconic British memes is absolutely incredible."

Someone else added: "Ngl his impressions are actually not bad."

"I just want a whole account of John Cena doing an English accent," a fourth person commented.

Perhaps this could be Cena's audition tape to star in a British film or comedy?

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