John Cena keeps following random people on Twitter and no-one knows why

John Cena keeps following random people on Twitter and no-one knows why
John Cena Is Coming to Fortnite

The people of Twitter have made a strange discovery - John Cena is following tons of random journalists.

Of the 500k+ people Cena follows, many of them appear to be journalists who write for publications across the country both big and small.

Cena, 45, is a part-time professional wrestler and actor known for his personality which has landed him gigs hosting on various TV and award shows.

He is also known for his philanthropic work with the Make-a-Wish foundation.

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But now, people are wondering if Cena has a new passion for journalism given his recent following spree.

On Wednesday, several journalists on Twitter pointed out that Cena began following them and colleagues, seemingly out of nowhere.


Cena does not seem to be promoting a new movie or television show at the moment although he is expected to make his annual return to WWE later in December.

Given the wrestler-actor has no clear interest in journalism on a local and national level, many journalists expressed confusion about the recent follow spree.

Some people joked that a follow from the WWE wrestler was like receiving a Twitter verification for journalism.



Others wondered if Cena's account had been hacked or was being controlled by an automated bot.



Many of Cena's tweets are philosophical or inspirational quotes, leading some to believe his account is not managed by himself.

"Remain curious as to who you are. Forever search for why you are. Be open minded enough to know those answers can constantly change," Cena tweeted in December.

"Never be afraid to ask for help. It could be just the thing to turn a breakdown into a breakthrough," Cena wrote in October.

For the journalists who did not receive a follow from Cena, they expressed feeling left out



We reached out to Cena for comment.

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