Johnny Depp Trial: Supporters, fans camp out for chance to see celebrity ...

The mysterious yellow liquid inside Johnny Depp's water bottle intrigued viewers of the blockbuster trial, with some wondering why the substance in his water bottle has that tinge.

According to reports, it happens to be a vitamin and energy supplement, a source says.

On Thursday 19 May, The Pirates of the Caribbean actor brought his Fiji water bottle into his ongoing trial against his ex-wife Amber Heard.

It was later settled in his favor by a jury who awarded him $15m in damages.

Depp typically drinks a clear liquid in his bottles during his appearances at the Fairfax, Virginia, so the surprising yellow liquid seemed a bit out of the ordinary.

But there is an explanation for the reason behind the switch.

Speaking withInsider, a close source to the actor said: "It's Berocca in water."

Berocca is the energy and vitamin supplement tablet brand that makes the water become an orange-yellow hue.

"[Berocca] gives you extra support to help you stay on top of your game every day. It supports mental sharpness with caffeine and guarana — a rainforest berry used as a natural source of caffeine — and physical energy with B vitamins that help convert food to fuel,*" the company's website states.

"It's Berocca in water." Getty

Depp sued the Aquaman actress for $50m in damages to his career and mental health in response to her 2018 Washington Post op-ed that claimed she was a domestic abuse victim. The Aquaman actress didn't name anyone in the piece.

He claimed that he was abused by Heard and showed pictures of a bloodied finger he said was severed off after Heard threw a bottle at him.

He even provided the infamous claim thatHeard defecated on his side of the bed, to which she said his dog, Boo, was responsible.

Depp lost a libel case he had against the UK newspaper The Sun, which labelled him a "wife beater."

Heard accused Depp of sexually assaulting her with a liquor bottle, revealing text messages where the actor seemed to joke about killing her and abusing her corpse, a video of Depp demolishing their kitchen cabinets, and much more in her testimony.

She also claimed that she only acted in self-defense and countersued for $100m. She was awarded $2m, meaning Depp comes out comfortably on top.

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