Johnny Depp claims Amber Heard drank 'two bottles of wine a night'

Johnny Depp revealed in court that he had a “Winona Forever” tattoo changed to “Wino forever” because of his ex-wife, Amber Heard.

On Wednesday, Depp returned to the witness stand for a second day during the defamation trial against Heard in Fairfax County, Virginia.

He was asked about Heard’s claims that the first time he struck her was in reaction to a comment about a tattoo.

The Pirates of The Caribbean actor said that the incident didn’t occur and reiterated that he has never hit Heard or any other woman.

The actor said that incident did not happen and reiterated that he never hit Heard or any other woman.

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He said that the specific allegation didn’t make sense to him because he wouldn’t have any reason to hit a woman for poking fun at his ink.

When further asked if Heard took issue with any of his tattoos, he said that he had “Winona forever” - a reference to his former relationship with Winona Ryder - changed to “Wino forever.”

It’s not transparent as to which version Heard found fault in or if she influenced the change.

Depp also said that Heard encouraged him to get a tattoo about her, which he did. He then continued to say that from that point, “everything started going sideways” in their relationship.

“I was doing what he could to bring a smile to her face rather than a frown,” he said.

In another moment in Wednesday’s testimony, Depp also drew similarities to his marriage with Heard to his relationship with his mother, Betty Sue, whom he’d already told the court had abused him as a kid. He said he was “berated” and faced “demeaning name-calling” by Heard, which would escalate into full-on arguments.

“If there’s a dialogue between two people, both people need to speak. But there was no way to fit a word in, he said.

He added: “You start to slowly realise that you are in a relationship with your mother, in a sense. And I know that sounds perverse and obtuse, but the fact is, some people search for weaknesses in people.”

On Tuesday, Depp began his turn on the witness stand by noting that he wanted to clear his name and reveal the truth about Heard’s allegations of abuse in their marriage.

The actor accused Heard of defaming him in a December 2018 Washington Post op-ed entitled: “I spoke up against sexual violence — and faced our culture’s wrath. That has to change.”

His suit is seeking $50m in damages for both his mental health and his career.

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic abuse, you can call the 24-hour National Domestic Abuse Helpline, run by Refuge, on 0808 2000 247, or visit their website here.

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