Jordan Peterson says he'll risk psychologist licence to keep posting on Twitter

Jordan Peterson says Meghan Markle's voice 'grates' on him

Jordan Peterson has pledged to risk his psychologist licence being revoked to keep posting on social media, despite being told to undergo a mandatory “coaching program” by the College of Psychologists of Ontario (CPO) because of his comments online.

The association confirmed that an investigation was underway on its website, saying that a ruling back in November required Peterson to complete a Specified Continuing Education or Remedial Program (SCERP).

The controversial psychologist and public figure said that the complaints he has received over the years don’t impact his work as a psychologist.

“I am to take a course of such training, with reports documenting my ‘progress,’ or face an in-person tribunal and suspension of my right to operate as a licensed clinical psychologist,” Peterson wrote on Twitter.

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It’s been reported that Peterson has filed a Notice of Application for Judicial Review with the Ontario Divisional Court.

In a Twitter thread, Peterson said that a dozen people “from all over the world” submitted complaints about his public statements on Twitter. He also said that the people alleged he “harmed” them with his views, but stated that none had ever been his clients.

“I have been accused of harming people (although none of the complainants involved in the current action were clients of [mine], past or present, or [were even] acquainted with any of my clients,” he wrote.

“About a dozen people from all over the world submitted complaints about my public statements on Twitter and [Joe] Rogan over a four year period (out of the 15 million who follow me on social media) claiming that I had 'harmed' people (not them) with my views.”

He also wrote: “We are now in a situation in Canada under Justin Trudeau where practicing professionals can have their livelihoods and public reputations threatened in a very serious manner for agreeing with the Official Opposition and criticizing major government figures.”

Peterson added: “If I comply the terms of my re-education and my punishment will be announced publicly. I have already had the second most serious category of punishment levied against me and have been deemed at high risk to 're-offend.'

“Canadians: your physicians, lawyers, psychologists and other professionals are now so intimidated by their commissar overlords that they fear to tell you the truth. This means that your care and legal counsel has been rendered dangerously unreliable.”

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