The Josh Peck and Jennette McCurdy feud explained

The Josh Peck and Jennette McCurdy feud explained
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Former Nickelodeon star Josh Peck has caused a social media stir following his comments about Jennette McCurdy.

During an episode of his Good Guyspodcast, Peck told guest Tana Mongeau that McCurdy sat down with him to speak about her memoir, I'm Glad My Mom Died.

The former Drake & Josh actor said the entire conversation was forced to be scrapped per McCurdy's request and never actually made it online.

Guest Mongeau praised McCurdy's book, calling it amazing. This lead Peck to say: "So did we, despite what Jennette says."

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"She was our first ever guest, like, the day that she released her book. She came on, it was an amazing get for us," co-host Ben Soffer explained. "We were truly good guys, unbelievable interview, spoke about everything that she wanted to, nothing that she didn't want to. It ended, and she told us not to run it."

Josh added: "There is a small update that happened yesterday. So, us being the good guys we are, said 'Jennette, no problem, we'll kill it. Do you wanna come back on?' No response."

Months went by, and Peck decided to reach back out to McCurdy.

"Let me check in, she owes us," he said before speculating that she blocked him. "All I wrote to Jennette after six months was, 'Hi, hi'. I got a green bubble, Am I blocked? I think I might be blocked...or she was on a 12-hour flight. Here's hoping."

Social media users weren't happy about Peck's phrasing and took to Twitter to share their takes.

"Josh Peck honestly gives me such an ick," one person said. "Jennette doesn’t owe him anything."

"'She owes us' is so gross. I hope he is blocked," a second added.

Meanwhile, a third wrote: "Classic. Woman face permanent trauma; men think they are entitled to exploit their trauma because they talked about it once, realized what they said and retracted it (totally normal when you feel like you revealed too much). I would block them too."

Indy100 reached out to Josh Peck's representative for comment.

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