Justin Bieber got turned down by a receptionist

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Justin Bieber had the temerity to ask out a receptionist, and she was not interested.

Only he did not ask her out, he contacted the gym that employs her and asked them who she was.

According to Buzzfeed News Jessica Gober is employed by Fitness on Broughton as a receptionist, as well as fitness and nutrition coach.

She features on the gym's Instagram, and this recent post caught Bieber's attention.

Screenshots posted to her Twitter show Bieber asking:

Who is that girl?


? In ur latest post

The tweet has been liked by more than 63,000 accounts since it was first posted on Wednesday.

Buzzfeed News quotes Gober as saying prior to Bieber's intervention, the gym's account had roughly 70 followers, which made Gober surprised that he had even seen their post.

While some fans of Bieber might jump at the chance (though it's not clear what his intentions were), Gober has a boyfriend.

She shared photos of them, in response to advice from Twitter users that she date Bieber for his fame and wealth.

She told Buzzfeed News

I didn't post the pictures of my boyfriend and because I thought that Justin Bieber wanted to 'get with me', I posted them in response to everyone commenting that I 'ruined my chances with Justin by tweeting the screenshots'.

Either way I didn't want a 'chance' because I am perfectly happy with my boyfriend.

All's fair in love and Instagram.

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