Find a man who looks at you like Justin Trudeau looks at Barack Obama

The Obama Foundation/Twitter/Screengrab

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and former President of the United States Barack Obama had dinner on Tuesday night.

In Montreal, following a speaking engagement for the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal, Obama arranged a dinner with Trudeau at Liverpool House in the city's Little Burgundy neighbourhood.

They both tweeted it from Twitter accounts:

People picked up what they were laying down:

The bromance is officially shipped, it seems.

During his speech Barack Obama addressed the Paris Accord, saying it still had a chance of success despite what he described as a "temporary absence of American leadership."

Obviously I'm disappointed with the current American administration decision to put out of Paris.

We're going to have to act with more urgency. I'm looking forward to the United States being a leader and not just on the sidelines going forward.

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