People were wondering whether Kay Burley would tweet #JeSuisChien, and she did not let anyone down

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Kay Burley became the centre of a slightly bizarre Twitter storm over the weekend after appearing to reveal her powers of canine mind-reading.

#SadnessInHisEyes began to trend on Twitter after the Sky News presenter tweeted this picture from Paris:

The reaction was rapid and at times very funny during a period when people desperately needed some light relief:

Burley's Wikipedia page was even updated at one point:

While she was ridiculed for a seemingly harmless photo on what had been a deeply emotional weekend following the atrocities in the French capital last Friday, Burley has remained resolute.

On Wednesday, a new hashtag was spawned following the news that Diesel, a French police dog, had died as officers raided an apartment in the Paris suburb of St Denis.

As thousands of people around the world paid tribute to Diesel, #JeSuisChien (or, "I am dog") began to trend.

There was palpable anticipation that Burley might make reference to Diesel:

And she did not let anyone down:

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