Kanye West fans accuse Kim Kardashian of copying Bianca Censori

Kanye West fans accuse Kim Kardashian of copying Bianca Censori
Kim Kardashian compared to Kanye West's wife Bianca Censori for latest winter …
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Kanye West's army of fans online are accusing Kim Kardashian of "copying" the rapper's wife Bianca Censori in a recent social media post.

Kardashian took to Instagram on January 5, which was Censori's 29th birthday, and posted photos of herself in a grey fur outfit that was very much like one that Censori wore late last year.

Censori wore a similar outfit in December while visiting the Middle East with West. It consisted of a giant fur hat and a big fluffy stuffed toy.

Kardashian's latest outfit bore a resemblance.

West fans were quick to point this out. One person wrote: "It’s giving Bianca."

Another said: "Trying so hard to look like Bianca it’s embarrassing."

A third added: "I thought this was Bianca."

Others were less keen on the fur element of the outfit, with one person writing: "I hope that's not real fur."

Another said: "Calling PETA."

It all comes after West recently made a social media comeback by posting racy photos of Censori.

Since then, critics have highlighted West's different treatment of ex-wife Kardashian and current wife Censori, after he repeatedly called out Kardashian for dressing provocatively when they were married.

A PR specialist even called out Kanye for his “hypocritic behavior” as he tries to "mold" Bianca into "Kim 2.0".

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