Kendall Jenner branded ‘rude’ for her reaction to a fan in Victoria’s Secret documentary clip

Kendall Jenner branded ‘rude’ for her reaction to a fan in Victoria’s Secret documentary clip
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Kendall Jenner has been slammed as "rude" by TikTok users after a snippet from the Victoria's Secret Hulu documentary surfaced online.

In a viral clip that racked 2.3 million views, the model can be seen dressed in a silk robe and seated in a makeup chair as fans gather behind her.

Jenner, 26, takes the phone from one of the women and smiles for a selfie. Her expression soon drops when she is done, and she hands back the phone.

"That poor woman," one TikToker commented, noting the disappointment in her face.

Another said: "That’s literally her workplace. She should be professional if anything".

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Meanwhile others sympathised for the star.

"Being a top model 24/7, one of the most famous people of our time, and working much. Yeh no wonder she’s tired and annoyed sometimes," one fan wrote, while another reiterated: "I would be the exact same after years of having to do the same thing."

A third joked: "Guys she’s a scorpio it’s not her fault".


As for where the TikTok audio came from. Well, it's an old confrontation taken from Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

The 2020 episode showed the heated conversation following a family trip to Palm Springs. The model, her sister Kylie and Kris Jenner's boyfriend Corey Gamble got in the same car at the end of a night out.

Things got physical when Kylie refused to have the driver drop her sister off at her house, and the model accused Corey of swearing at her during the argument.

Kendall & Corey Drama Interrupts Couples Tango | Season 19 | Keeping Up With The Kardashiansyoutu.be

"You've been a rude person for years," he says during the follow-up conversation. "You're an a**hole when you feel like it, you get riled up for no reason. I'm about to tell you the truth about how you are. You don't apologise for nothing."

"You don't even know me," says a shocked Jenner. "Just because I don't kiss your a** doesn't mean I'm an a**hole. I just don't f*** with you. The fact that I can't even get an apology."

Jenner has featured in several Victoria's Secret shows alongside fellow models Winnie Harlow, Gigi Hadid and Alexina Graham.

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Speaking about how her daughter first got involved with Victoria's Secret, Kris recalled the time she met renowned Victoria's Secret photographer, Russell James.

"I said to Kendall, look, go upstairs and put on your cutest party dress," she said in 2017.

"Brush your hair, put on your party shoes, and when he gets here, come downstairs."

"He said, 'You're right, she's beautiful, and I can't wait to work with her,'" Jenner said. James went on to shoot Kendall for his photography book, Angels, before she made her VS debut the following year.

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