<p>(Left) Kerry Katona (Right) Tessa Hartmann</p>

(Left) Kerry Katona (Right) Tessa Hartmann

YouTube/Good Morning Britain

A debate between Kerry Katona and The Real Housewives of Jersey’s Tessa Hartmann on Good Morning Britain erupted into a fiery row about Kerry’s OnlyFans page.

The pair were invited onto the show to discuss whether padded bikinis sexualise children as British fashion retailer, New Look has recently come under fire for selling a range of padded bikinis to children “as young as nine.”

The company say that they’ve done nothing wrong and these styles are widely available on the high street.

But, the exchange quickly became heated when Tessa brought OnlyFans into the conversation. The reality star asked if Kerry had a right to be angry about the bikinis, as she is a member of the site.

Tessa said: “There’s a lot of things that sexualises children like these social media sites like OnlyFans when we’re talking about covering up the modesty of a nine-year-old who’s a bit self-conscious getting into the pool, getting wet with, dare I say, her nipples showing.

“Actually, I think this is a really good thing for a body-conscious young teenage girl and the whole point of this is choice.

“It’s like anything in the marketplace, if you don’t want to buy then don’t buy it. It’s like watching a TV programme, you have a choice.”

It’s fair to say that Kerry was furious with Hartmann associating OnlyFans with children, as she throws her head back laughing sarcastically.

“First of all, Only Fans is over 18, no one is putting that to a nine-year-old child,” the former pop star retaliated.

“But it’s okay for your teenage daughters to take the photos of your naked pictures to put on your social media site but you wouldn’t let them put on a bikini that covers their modesty?” Tessa questioned.

“First of all, darling my children do not take pictures of me naked so whatever you’ve read there you’ve got it completely wrong!” Kerry exclaimed.

“What I do for an over 18 site is completely different than a nine-year-old child [wearing] a padded breast and making her feel [self-conscious].”

“Obviously that’s a bit of a sore point for you but it’s about being a role model, isn’t it?” Tessa retorted.

The heated exchange has been widely discussed online, with Kerry receiving a lot of support.

Though there were a few that weren’t didn’t appreciate her TV appearance.

People were particularly taken with Kerry’s comment on children wearing padded bikinis, “It’s like dangling a carrot in front of a paedophile.”

Others also shared their appreciation for Kerry’s repeated use of the word “darling.”

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