Khloe Kardashian posts cryptic messages after Kylie Jenner spotted with Jordyn Woods

Khloe Kardashian posts cryptic messages after Kylie Jenner spotted with Jordyn Woods
After Cheating Scandal: Kylie Jenner Reunites With Jordyn Woods

Khloe Kardashian turned to Instagram with a series of poignant quotes following Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods' dinner catch-up.

On Sunday (16 July), the two former best friends were spotted leaving a restaurant in Los Angeles alongside two security men.

To recap, Woods was outed back in 2019 for kissing Kardashian's baby father and serial cheat, Tristan Thompson. Woods admitted to kissing him at a party, but shut down any rumours there was any form of romance between the pair.

Shortly after paparazzi footage of Jenner and Woods circulated online, Kardashian – who is known to post frequent quotes on Instagram – took to her Stories with three more.

One read: "Never blame anyone in your life. The good people give you happiness. The bad people give you experience. The worst people give you a lesson..."

"The best people give you memories".

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Her second Instagram Story upload said: "It takes grace to remain kind in cruel situations."

Meanwhile, the third showed a quote by Doe Zantamata: "It's easy to judge. It's more difficult to understand. Understanding requires compassion, patience and a willingness to believe that good hearts sometimes choose poor methods...

"Through judging, we separate. Through understanding, we grow".

Following the reunion, a source told People their friendship was on the mend when Woods reached out to Jenner.

"Jordyn reached out to Kylie to apologise for how everything went down and let her know that she loves her," the source allegedly said.

A separate person close to them said weekend's encounter wasn't the first time they'd met up. It was the first time they had been spotted in public. The pair have allegedly been working on their friendship off-camera.

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