Kim Kardashian explains why she's 'so happy' she was robbed at gunpoint in Paris

Kim Kardashian explains why she's 'so happy' she was robbed at gunpoint in Paris
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Six years have passed since Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint while attending Paris Fashion Week and now she has some insights looking back on the terrifying incident.

Every life experience, no matter how insignificant or life-altering, has lessons to be learned from it.

And Kardashian, 42, has learned a great deal from her traumatising experience when five armed robbers bound and gagged her to steal her jewelry worth an estimated $10 million.

“The lesson of having it all taken from me really made me understand that all of this stuff doesn’t matter,” Kardashian told Angie Martinez on the Angie Martinez IRL podcast.

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The reality TV star explained that before the robbery material things like jewelry, fancy cars, designer handbags, and shoes mattered a lot to her.

“It used to mean so much to me and it’s completely how I valued my importance by the things I had,” Kardashian said. “I thought that it made me cooler.”

But once she found those things landed her in a life-threatening situation, she changed her outlook on life and owning things.

And she’s happy about it.

“All of this stuff can be taken from you, it doesn’t go with you, and I’m so happy that that all happened to me,” Kardashian said.

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“I didn’t know I was needing that lesson but that lesson was so well-received,” Kardashian added.

The Paris robbery incident traumatised Kardashian so much that she says she doesn’t keep expensive material things in her home anymore and if she had to drop everything to run, she could do it in a heartbeat.

Kardashian said when she first experienced wildfires in Calabasas where she had to evacuate her home she would go to her shoe and bag closet to pack up.

“Now if there’s a fire I would just walk out with my babies I wouldn’t even waste the time,” Kardashian said.

She told Martinez that the only things that matter to her are her four children, North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm, who she shared with disgraced rapper Kanye West.

Kardashian said she views material things as the "icing" on the cake to life rather than "the cake."

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